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Great Lakes Region - FUNDRAISERS

Toys for Rosettes Raffle


In late July, the Swan family of Ahmischi Cattery in New York had a fire in their home. They lost everything, including several of their beloved cats. And the Great Lakes Region stepped up:

Many thanks to all those at the Canusa show the weekend of July 23, who opened their hearts and wallets to raise funds for Karen Swan and her family and cats in the aftermath of their terrible fire.

Hope Gonano took donations over the weekend that added up to over $1250.00. On Sunday we ran a 50-50. So many wanted to participate that we ended up using 4 decks of cards, We sold the cards for $2/each. The cards, plus additional donations totaled $480.00. Special thanks to Val Smith, who had the winning card, for donating all of her winnings back to the Swans.

Exhibitor Rick Brewer left the show hall with over $1700 in cash and checks to take to the Swans.

The caring and generosity of so many will help Karen and family through this. I'm proud of all of you.

Loretta Baugh, Regional Director
CFA Great Lakes Region


Your CFA Club has the opportunity of winning $500.00 worth of cat toys (donated by Karraway Toys - Wayne & Karen Mull) and paper streamers to be used as Rosettes for your Club's next show. There will only be 200 tickets sold so chances of winning are excellent. Tickets are $25.00 each (US Funds). Proceeds go towards the 2008 Great Lakes Region Annual in Louisville KY. Yes, it's a few years off but we want to show everyone a great time so we're starting early!! Plus think of all the hours of fun your cat will have if you win one of these "rosettes" at a future show!

Note: these are for Club use only, not for individuals. But -- individuals may purchase a ticket and if they win they can donate the toys to the Club of their choice.

This fundraiser is not limited to purchases by Great Lakes Region Clubs, anyone can buy. The better our fundraising, the better your 2008 Annual will be. The draw will be made in December 2004.

Anyone interested in purchasing tickets can do so by mail or from the sellers at shows. Send your cheque (made out to The Great Lakes Region) to Nancy Grandison, Unit 98-51 Paulander Drive, Kitchener ON Canada N2M 5E5 ( or to Mariane Toth 7807 Burke Ave, Cleveland OH 44105 (

Photo 1 - Both are Bodacious (2 styles) $2.50

Photo 2 - Mini 3-in-1 $2.25

Photo 3 - (Left) Jester Head $2.00 & (Right) Jester Stick $2.00

Photo 4 - (Left) Maraboo Toy $1.75 & (Right) Hackle Toy $1.75

Photo 5 - (Left) Sparkle Puff $1.50 & (Right) Ribbon & Fur $1.75

Photo 6 - (Left) Sparkler $1.25 & (Right) Silk Cord $1.25

Photo 7 - (Left) Bunny Stick $1.75 & (Right) Leather Whip $1.50

Photo 8 - Red, Green, Yellow Ball & Pink, Blue, Yellow Ball - Knot Balls with bell $1.00; Green & Red (short) - Roly Poly $.75; Fur Mouse $1.25; Red Ball with green tail - Piggy $.25; Red Ball with red & yellow tails - Shooting Star $.75; Balls with spring center - Palm Springs $1.00.

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