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The sport of breeding and exhibiting pedigreed cats is an extremely enjoyable one. Not only do we study pedigrees to determine which cats to breed together, have the pleasure of watching kittens grow and the opportunity to observe one "exciting" kitten develop, but we also have the experience of exhibiting our cats and having them judged by the finest judges in the Cat Fanciers' Association. Traveling to cat shows on weekends gives us a chance to compare cats of our breeding with those bred by others, and we also also get to spend time with friends who have a similar interest in our hobby and/or our specific breed. It also a wonderful way for us all to be ambassadors for CFA, for the cat fancy, and for our breeds.

And did we mention food? While showhall food may not always be the greatest (and there are those rare ones that have delicious food), we exhibitors and judges do know where the finest restaurants in the Great Lakes Region can be found. Plus, you can normally find a yummy cake or two at a show!

The following is a sample of photos taken at past shows held in our region. You can see how much fun we have at cat shows held each and every weekend across our region. We've also come up with a variety of "unique" vanity license plates

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pic3 pic4
pic5 pic6
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pic9 pic10

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