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Regional Map The Great Lakes Region has a long history as a region of The Cat Fanciers' Association. We're shown in green on the map to the right. Boundaries have changed somewhat over the years to result in what is currently in place: Kentucky (North of the 38th parallel), Michigan, New York (West of the 77th meridian), Ohio, Ontario, Canada (East of the 90th meridian/West of the 77th meridian), Pennsylvania (West of the 77th meridian), and West Virginia.

The Beginning of Regions

At the CFA Annual Meeting in 1950, the The Mo-Kan Club proposed an constitutional amendment to allow for regional representation, and a committee was appointed to make recommendations to the board regarding the proposal. The office of Regional Vice-President was established in 1952, when the Constitution change called for the election of regional representatives. The results of that first election for the (then) six regions were: Miss Elsie Hydon, North Atlantic; Mrs. Lawrence Pelton, Great Lakes; Mrs. Matil Rotter, Middle West; Mrs. Garvin, Southern; Mrs. Bess Morse, Southwest; and, Mrs. Denning, Northwest.

Mrs. Pelton, of Hubbard, OH, continued as Regional Vice-President for several years. She was also a judge, and served as CFA Recorder from August 1957 to August 1958. She bred solid color and parti-color Persians under the cattery name 'Wycliffe'.

From All-Pets Magazine, December 1945
Courtesy of The CFA Foundation, Inc.

In addition to Mrs. Pelton and our current Regional Director, John Colilla, the following have served the Great Lakes Region as either Regional Vice-President or Regional Director (in alphabaetical order):

  • Loretta Baugh
  • William Bebout
  • Judge William C. Bryant
  • Earl K. Fleming
  • Kent Highhouse
  • Mrs. Helen Jacobson
  • Becky Jones
  • Richard Manchee
  • Robert E. Martin
  • Mrs. Ripley
  • Liz Watson

The Genesee Cat Fanciers' Club held their first CFA show on November 25-26, 1950 in Rochester, NY. The club is still active after 66 years, and regularly produces shows in the Rochester area.

Genesee Cat Fanciers
From "The Cat Gazette", All-Pets Magazine, June, 1950
Courtesy of The CFA Foundation, Inc.

Regional Map The Royal Canadian Cat Club, established in 1902, is the oldest active club in the Great Lakes Region. It is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and for many years managed the cat shows held at the Canadian National Exhibition.

Mrs. J.R. Reynolds, pictured left, was President of the club for several years. This photo was published in The Cat Courier of August 9 and 16, 1913. The results of the 1913 Toronto show includes the following statement by Miss Elizabeth Brace, publisher of The Cat Courier, who attended the show:

"The entries were not quite as numerous as last year, but they were of far better quality as a whole. The entries from the U.S. were many and will no doubt increase as they find out the fineness of the Exhibition Shows.

"There never was a show at which everyone seemed so contented with the awards, and Mrs. Hewitt said there was not one complaint, which is certainly marvelous."

1936 Cat Gazette

Rosecrest Cattery of Alliance, OH had cats featured on the cover of several issues of The Cat Gazette during 1936 and 1937. Owned by Mrs. Chester G. Naylor, the cattery specialized in silver and solid color Persians. Little has been learned about Mrs. Naylor, although we have discovered that she had a daughter, Mary Jane, and that her husband was tragically killed in a train accident while working for the railroad.

The following, printed in the June, 1939 issue of The Cat Gazette gives us a glimpse into one of the early catteries in Ohio:

"The editor had the pleasure of a week's visit with Mr. and Mrs. C.G. Naylor. The Rose Crest farm is a beautiful place and we had a wondrful time every moment of our stay there. The Naylor home is a true garden spot. It covers one acre filled with fruits and flowers of every kind. There is a fine cozy heated cat house in which two families of young ones were just opening their eyes on a very comfortable world. Besides the cats, there is a gorgeous collie, a collection of prized Bostons and a hundred baby chicks."

Silver Quest was one of the Great Lakes Region's well-established catteries for many years. Silver Quest was owned by Miss Kay Thoma, who was a well-known judge under her married name, Kay McQuillan.

Silver Quest
From All-Pets Magazine, December 1945
Courtesy of The CFA Foundation, Inc.

The Detroit Persian Society was organized on March 25th, 1918, with nine charter members. By 1926, the membership had expanded to eight-seven.

Detroit Persian Society
From the collection at the Feline Historical Museum
Courtesy of The CFA Foundation, Inc.

Mrs. Gertrude E. Taylor, listed as 'Cat Show Superintendent' on the above entry form, was a judge and also President of CFA from 1928 until 1933. In addition, she was editor of The Cat Courier magazine, published first in Rochester, NY, then Detroit, MI.

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