CFA Great Lakes - Historical Footnotes


The Lockehaven Cat Club of Rochester, NY was one of the original clubs when The Cat Fanciers' Association was organized in 1906. The club was in existence and actively producing cat shows prior to the beginningof CFA. Here's photos of the President and Secretary of the club in 1905. Both of these ladies were also members of the Royal Canadian Cat Club in Toronto.

Mrs Alfred Jackson Mrs Elizabeth Brace
From The Cat Journal, May, 1905
Courtesy of The CFA Foundation, Inc.

A successful mid-20th century breeder in the Great Lakes Region was Vi Schuh of SKYWAY cattery. Based in the Buffalo, NY area, Mrs. Schuh had a collection of some very interesting and exciting lines in her Persians.

If the SKYWAY cattery name sounds familiar to you, Mrs. Schuh was the mother-in-law of CFA Judge Don Williams, who inherited the use of her cattery name and continued to use it in his breeding program.

Vi Schuh
An advertisement for Vi Schuh's SKYWAY cattery
From All-Pets Magazine, April, 1957
Courtesy of The CFA Foundation, Inc.

An advertisement showing the 'Domestic Shorthairs' of Mrs. Bryna Shine of Detroit, MI. These Domestic Shorthairs were winners at the Detroit Persian Society show in 1943. Domestic Shorthairs were the early version of the American Shorthair (and CFA did change the name officially from Domestic Shorthair to American Shorthair).

Mrs. Shine
Mrs. Shine's prize winning Domestic Shorthairs, 1943
From All-Pets Magazine, March, 1944
Courtesy of The CFA Foundation, Inc.

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