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Welcome to the home of the GREAT LAKES REGION, also known as Region 4 of The Cat Fanciers' Association's. Our geographical division borders on all five of the Great Lakes borders and encompasses the following:

  • Canada (East of the 90th meridian and West of the 77th meridian)
  • Kentucky (North of the 38th parallel)
  • Michigan
  • New York (West of the 77th meridian)
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania (West of the 77th meridian)
  • West Virginia.

What makes our region GREAT? It's our exhibitors, the cats and the clubs. We are home to The CFA Foundation Feline Historical Museum on the first floor of CFA's Central Office in Alliance, Ohio. Some of CFA's oldest show-producing clubs are still active: Cleveland Persian Society and Ohio State Persian Club.

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