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The Great Lakes Region is hosting a FUNdraiser! Come HAM it up!
20% of the proceeds will come directly back to the Great Lakes Region!
Funds will be used to promote the Great Lakes Regional award show
and to provide donations to Feline Health Research organizations!

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Welcome to the home of the GREAT LAKES REGION of The Cat Fanciers' Association, Inc. (CFA). Our geographical region borders all five of North America's Great Lakes, and includes the following US states and Canadian provinces:

  • Kentucky (North of the 38th parallel)
  • Michigan
  • New York (West of the 77th meridian)
  • Ohio
  • Ontario, Canada (East of the 90th meridian/West of the 77th meridian)
  • Pennsylvania (West of the 77th meridian)
  • West Virginia

What is it about our region that makes it so GREAT? Simply - it's our exhibitors, the cats and the clubs. Plan to spend a fun day visiting one of our shows, and have a great time admiring the cats, watching the judging, and talking to the breeders and exhibitors. Take advantage of our discount admission coupon - good for admission at any CFA cat show held within the Great Lakes Region.

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Our cats are stupendous! Several times, in recent years, kittens and cats from our region have won some of the highest awards given by CFA during the show season. Here's our "BEST" from the 2015-2016 show season.

Best Kitten 2016
GC, NW Winterfrost
Hippy Shake

Best Cat 2016
GC, NW Chome Chai Haute
Couture of NuDawnz

Best Cat Premiership 2016
Angeslpur OhLaLa

Best Household Pet 2016
GH, HRW Smudge
of Lotzacats
Household Pet

We are home to some of CFA's oldest, yet still active, show-producing clubs, notably Cleveland Persian Society (incorporated in 1924), the Ohio State Persian Club (established in 1914 as Ohio State Cat Club, with name changed to Ohio State Persian Club in 1922), and the Royal Canadian Cat Club (held one of CFA's first licensed shows in 1906).

CFA CO Sign In addition, we are proudly the home of The Cat Fanciers' Association's Central Office and The CFA Foundation's Feline Historical Museum, both located at 260 East Main Street, in Alliance, Ohio.

For more information, please contact:

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Buy a copy of the 2016 Awards Booklet - only 4 copies remaining!

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"Divine Felines: Cats of Ancient Egypt
at the Cincinnati Art Museum. June 18 to September 11. FREE admission.

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